Our staff is exceptionally well trained and respectful to both our clients and the animals they have entrusted to our care.  We work hard to provide a safe, clean, and professionally managed environment that promotes the well being and performance of our horses and riders.  Stalls are cleaned daily and we feed only the highest quality grain, hay, and supplements.   All horses enjoy regular turn out with leg washing and blanketing, depending on weather conditions.  Scheduling and handling of vet calls, equine dentistry, blacksmith, and worming are also provided. 



Our programs encourage riders at any age and skill level to be proficient in the basics of horsemanship and the American system of riding.   We practice proper position (equitation) and use of the aids (leg, hand, voice) on the flat, over fences, and with natural obstacles (ditch, bank, water).  As a result, our horses and riders are exceptionally well prepared for the show ring and are more confident and secure in their abilities.  At home, most horses are ridden 5 days a week (at least once by the trainers) and riders typically receive semi-private lessons for an hour.  Quality lesson horses are available when needed.  Our training and lesson programs are available year-round at the facility (even during horse shows) and we welcome haul-ins and sales horses.



Depending on their levels of interest and ability, our owners and riders can haul-in to local one day shows/clinics or travel across North America to compete against the best horses and riders in the world.  The trainers meet regularly with each owner and rider to discuss their objectives and design an individual plan/budget that can be easily adjusted throughout the year as conditions warrant. 



We have been very successful matching owners and riders with exceptional horses.   Our staff looks for prospects that meet immediate needs and objectives but have the potential for future growth in our program.  The goal is to buy reasonably priced horses that are trainable and suitable for a variety of potential riders.  This strategy helps to preserve/increase the horse’s value with age and enhances its marketability when the time comes to sell.  We charge a flat commission rate on all transactions.  Investment partnership opportunities and leases can also be arranged.



Please call us for our current rate sheet and stable policies.